iCredit Bureau

We help our clients manage credit risk, financial risk, over-indebtedness and reduce litigation on reported credit data.

Credit Register

The only hope and source for a healthy economy across the industry. We provide a data sharing platform to enhance business decisions when extending credit to customers.


Our data is only accessible to subscribed and recognized entities that are registered with FSRA. Individuals may access their personal credit report via the portal at a fee.


The environment is secured and can be accessible via a mobile device or a computer 24/7. Our support team is also available for support should you need any assistance.


iCredit Data

The credit information that we provide is based on multiple updates that we receive each month from banks, auto dealers, micro finance companies, SACCOS, building societies, retailers, student loan providers and more — for virtually everyone who is market-active in the kingdom of Eswatini.


Excessive household debt can readily multiply credit risk and prolong economic contractions for a nation if there is no systematic, timely and accurate way for data reporting. Over-indebtedness can potentially make our community to get poor each day, however, accurate and timely data reporting will ensure successful risk mitigation for businesses, informed decisions when extending credit, and less litigation for credit reporting customers. This implies that there is no credit report unless all the data sources prioritize the importance of sending accurate account updates to iCredit. 

Legacy Lab Data

We are keeping a wallet of your different benefits and investments as a resource for your beneficiaries in the days ahead about where they can access their inheritance.

We are licenced by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA)

Our Contacts


Mbandzeni House | Office #54 | 5th Floor | Karl Grant Road | Mbabane


+268 2404 0524 | +268 7808 1012


Working Hours:

8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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