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Your wealth wallet.

A robust solution for financial assets search in Eswatini and is devised to establish the deceased’s financial history and expose any lost assets which are owed to the estate during estate administration.


Your Wealth Wallet: People tend to hide these investments until they die and their beneficiaries never tap into such inheritance although they are legitimate heirs leaving them struggling and worse off in life. Currently, it is very tedious to try and locate deceased estate financial assets because there are too many financial services providers lately. 

Our solution is here to close that gap in our society by allowing data subjects to keep their wealth wallet on Legacy Lab while they are still alive and this record will only be inquired when the data subject is deceased for the purposes of estate administration or even the funeral proceedings if the deceased had a funeral cover.

Why Legacy Lab 

Legacy Lab asset searching is a comprehensive way of uniting your beneficiaries with their full inheritance. Here’s how we can help:

1. Uncover accounts & policies for your deceased family member.
2. Reduce administration time whilst making sure that all their inheritance is exposed.
3. Maximise your beneficiaries' estate value in a cost-efficient way.
4. Maintain your wealth wallet without forgeting any of your long-term investments.

Wealth Wallet

Keep a record of your investments, funeral cover and similar insurances in our secured environment in order for the information to be accessed by your beneficiaries. Register for your preferred package today.


Our data is only accessible to recognized family members that are registered with Legacy Lab as next of kin or verifiable as deserving access to such data. All outstanding fees must be cleared.


The environment is secured and can be accessible via a computer 24/7. Our support team is also available for support should you need any assistance.


Legacy Lab Packages

Package  Amount Number of Assets 
BasicE50.00 /yearFive (5) Assets
StandardE60.00 /yearTen (10) Assets
PremiumE75.00 /yearFifteen (15) Assets
UltimateE100.00 /yearUnlimited Assets
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We are licenced by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA)

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